Fitec Global Sourcing
  • 100% Turnkey Operations
    • Sourcing
    • Product Development
    • Financing
    • Transportation and Import Logistics
  • Comprehensive Asian Product Sources
    • Experience
    • Reputation
    • Quality Control
  • Lower Unit Cost - Higher Returns
    • Experience Negotiations
    • Plant Inspections
    • Staff Reductions
    • Buying Power
Our Experience

In 1984 we created a company that has become one of the world's most comprehensive sources for Asian manufactured products. Today our staff members have over 70 years of collective sourcing experience with a level of expertise that is rare and uncommonly rewarding for U.S. and worldwide buyers.

Asian agents frequently have little knowledge or understanding of global markets and furthermore, will usually only represent a single factory. FITEC represents the buyer and has the ability to match the needs of our worldwide clients by providing turnkey operations that include sourcing, product development, financing and transportation logistics.

FITEC Global Sourcing provides worldwide buyers with a comprehensive level of business experience that is unsurpassed by any other major importer today. We negotiate directly with each factory to ensure the best product, timeline and cost for our clients.

As a FITEC client, you will be provided with the expertise necessary for the sourcing and importation of thousands of components and finished products at the lowest cost per unit and the highest return of your investments.