International Negotiations

FITEC Global Sourcing secures seamless negotiations with experience, hands on communication and a permanent presence within the Asian marketplace.

With over 20 years as a company and 70 years of staff experience, FITEC has the advantage of identifying, understanding and appreciating the capabilities of each factory. This experience provides us with the wisdom and understanding to award your orders to the most qualified supplier.

An inability to speak the local language or dialect can mean misunderstandings and a loss of faith between the client and the factory. Inexperienced negotiations can lead to miscommunications, broken contracts and missed deadlines.

Because FITEC maintains an experienced team within the Asian marketplace that speaks and lives the language, we are able to communicate at a higher level and negotiate in a quicker and more efficient manner with a level of trust that is based on years of good communication.

Plant Inspections

FITEC completes regular in-plant inspections. Whenever a factory wins an order for the first time, we will visit the facility to ensure that the capabilities and quality can be assured prior to the order being approved. FITEC representatives ensure quality throughout the process by inspecting your production at the beginning, during and at the end of production.